Season 4 Intro

Hard to believe this all started December 5, 2014. Here we are approaching Season 4! Stay tuned for more details.

Meet The Team

Gwen Clapper- Founder,investigator, clairvoyant, sensitive. Gwen has had the ability to speak with the dead since a young age. Keeping her abilities to herself until recent years, she has been validated on several occassions.

Gene Clapper- Investigator, tech, researcher. Gene is a healthy skeptic. Although he claims no special abilities/gifts, his sensitivity is getting stronger with each investigation. He had some unexplained experiences as a child that has continued his curiosity into the Paranormal.

Chris Loper- Investigator, tech, researcher. Chris has had unexplained occurances that has happened to him. Being an active combat Veteran, this has hightened his senses into the "uknown" that is among us.

Alyssa Luckett- Tarot, investigator, sensitive, clairvoyant in training. Alyssa has had numerous experiences as a child with what can only be explained as Paranormal. From visions to apparitions, she has dealt with it in her young age. She is currently working on her clairvoyance skills.